Single page optimization summary

single page because of its natural weight is low, SEO difficulty is higher, the operation point lies in continuously strengthening its power, focus on to get the top ranking. Available means are:

1, using an independent domain name.

independent domain inspection indicators are.

1) does the domain name contain the target keywords?.

2) the domain name weight is reduced sequentially from gov – edu – org – com – cn.

3) is the domain name history innocent?.

2, external links.

external links are the top priority of a single page seo.

3, internal page optimization:

internal page optimization 2 key points: segmentation, typesetting.

title, 1): description and density control of target keywords.

2), description and keywords should conform to the principle of word segmentation of the whole page.

3) and Body:H1-H6 match strong, Br, P and so on, according to the search engine segmentation principle, carries on the permutation combination to the target keywords.

4) and the ALT attribute.

4 export links:

single page export links in the single page SEO is the most delicate. The point is relevance.

PS: no matter the inside of the chain, the single page SEO is in the correlation link 5 words.

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