The first deal brought to Admin5

I often Admin5

, has been concerned with all kinds of information of Admin5, has been feeling as a webmaster’s bitter sweet, always concerned about figure wangdage we teach, has been successful in all kinds of authentication admin5. But I don’t think he is a real master, why do you say so, because I haven’t made what website, no more money from the site, remember to see a definition of webmaster articles on the Admin5, the title seems to be what the real owners of " XX" don’t remember. So far, I have always felt that I am still a rookie, but will do something to stand fur, and we must continue to learn.

today is not what a special day for me is the most ordinary day, but he thought must write what things, remember, so, today came back in the evening the first thing is to open the browser, landing directly to Admin5, wrote this feeling. Today, and I had a deal, a friend and I said, one of his friends want to register a domain name, domain name and Chinese, before also registered the domain name, the domain name of things or understand a little, I know the new network, network, Internet era can be easily registered I think, the first is! Why not, I often come to Admin5 may be affected by ~! (because I just read " traffic…". The good news ^_^) on webmaster here is probably the most reliable place, at least I think so. Because I haven’t registered in the Admin5 domain name, also not registered number ID, to test the look hey today, the process of registration, each required options can be seen more clearly, the feeling is not very difficult, it is convenient for the novice. After registering the digital ID successfully, the domain name registration is carried out directly. The registered domain name options fill is very convenient, because the system has helped us to fill out and default data, easily change on the line, very easy to get into the shopping cart page, click on the payment after the purchase of the stuff information will be clearly set out to us, the whole process didn’t have any suffering it’s convenient ah ~! Because he is to help friends registered, not on my side. Payment can only make friends to the bank remittances, and so on tomorrow after friends remittance to the figure account, and then again and customer service contact, I believe will get good service, because here is the place to trust!


recently wanted to register a domain name, also want to flat-share in Admin5 space, but due to the construction site did not sort out ideas, each click up is flat-share space habitual configuration and price information, flat-share information, have no action, just today, friends want to register a domain name, I just take him to operate the service quality of ha, try to believe, should not.


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