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Plug in type of website, what course to follow

At the start of the

station is a BLOG to write about their own game, especially when the love Tencent’s new game CF- Cross Fire, write down their own experience in battle and learn the skills in the forum every little bit every day, to the look.

one day, the game’s friend gave me my first plug-in, accidentally put plug-in to the website, the results in the next few days, the site’s traffic soared, the wave flow shocks me happy, I said to myself, I found a website a new direction!

every day to each big forum for the latest CF Cross Fire plug-in, download their own try, then shelling detection of viruses, the development of the station can only rely on the user’s reputation, I want to make sure your site plug-in is not a virus, pay more attention to the user experience, it can develop.

every day is very tired, but very happy, the website traffic in 3 weeks to achieve the "5764 IP", this is my 51LA statistical "highest access amount" column reproduced at high flow, I am very happy, began to use various techniques and video recording CF CFbug high speed, rented space, everything is so beautiful.

until that day, I woke up, the accumulation of contradictions will not have long disappeared because I avoided deliberately, I write this diary: focus on the CF road in where? (http://s.rockdd.cn/post/118.html), log write plug-in sites and helpless, it’s sad.

quoted: "CF upgrade, the upgrade is too fast, not ready to plug it, I hope you, I also want to hurry up, but now the Tencent CF plug-in speed is too fast, I really very helpless, released after two days was blocked, hard do, not a result, now many people give up, such as free CF plug-in code have been sold."

CF plug-in flying, I was always plug ravaged, now own every day thinking about how to publish a good plug-in, that concern has become the CF plug-in download station, every day there is no CF technology article, ha ha, this is perhaps my slow reason without passion, now slowly turn to do stand and do stand, do not know this situation will last long, until that day when I jianglangcaijin?, to look back, behind."

own confusion, small station confusion, external website confusion.

CF of the road, where the road? Plug-in sites where? The game to increase efforts to combat the plug-in, every day there are CF game player to stop the curse, Cross Fire – FPS a good shooting game, I don’t want to see it done by external The atmosphere was foul. But what can I do?


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