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People’s war and nest egg — content construction of website from Sasu blog

any website, high quality web content (special service) law system to create the maintenance is a headache thing, but Sasu blog "Anti Japanese War series" reminds us that even the original blog content (not to mention the site) can be resolved by "people’s war" mode.

and, as long as you stick to it, it’s not only a good way to build a website, but also a correct way to brand it.

Sasu blog is by some Japanese historical friends for his collection, "Yang Jingyu in the last moment of life. (the first chapter)" said: "yesterday, I find a surrender of the document to a Japanese friend told me the phone, this document has been found; and his wife also provides some Japanese soldiers of the composition, the more China historical data is provided by the more enthusiastic people.

in historical textual research, "anonymous" Hebei in the souls of textual criticism process is done by "self proclaimed" Hu "netizens"; other contents of West River forum users (or other friends to complete the historical textual criticism work) the situation is also not uncommon.

most of the way, under the pen of Sasu when he heard the appearancedashing "Boy Crazy, strong" in the past, the old man is anti Japanese hero Sun Guangrui later recalled those letters through "recalling the past eventful years thick" flames and smoke; such "own" the wonderful interaction, will undoubtedly make the whole Sasu blog authenticity readability, more on the floor. Thus entered a successful blog (website) content system construction and user system construction and maintenance of virtuous circle.

thus, the website construction of content system and daily maintenance is very difficult, but as long as we try to do is not the way to do — you know, Sasu initially just Cao Genbo was born in a spare time to entertain.

In fact,

Su do you know, starting from the most interesting stuff, from "if you are not sincere not have" started to tell the story of the narrative style, and gradually establish their own content system, first move himself, "finally, if you are not sincere, not touching", in order to truly to move others — to gradually develop their own core user group, the core user group propaganda, let us tell you, and user groups to maintain development, but also for the construction of website content system with more dynamic force. Completely entered a complementary and complementary benign interaction process.

must be pointed out that Sasu’s blog is to win readers by engaging content, and more websites to "move, interest" in order to win loyal users, webmasters (or a service) only through to the user’s service in order to attract more users to your site, such as Taobao, no matter is the user "Amoy" or "Tao", is a benefit guide.

, as long as someone is >


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