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Ma Huateng suggested Entrepreneurs the most innovative opportunities in the field of cross-border in

[Abstract] at the launching ceremony, Ma Huateng combined his own entrepreneurial experience with Tencent, and made a number of recommendations for entrepreneurs and service providers.

Tencent Francisco Tencent board chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng (micro-blog) on Tuesday to young entrepreneurs in Hongkong, on two cross industry part, "because an industry has been done for a long time, is already one of the Red Sea, we now see with the new technology in the two cross industry often is most likely the birth of opportunities for innovation, it is a blue ocean".

July 19th, HONGKONG X technology entrepreneurship platform and youth entrepreneurship service system in Hongkong, the establishment of the platform to start the ceremony. The platform is launched by the global implementation of Sequoia Capital partner Mr. Shen Napeng, Hong Kong University Science & Technology professor Li Zexiang, Professor Chen Guanhua of University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of science and technology jointly set up a dozen elite, and the Hongkong government from all walks of life support.

as an honorary chairman of X technology entrepreneurship platform, Ma Huateng at the launch ceremony combined with their own entrepreneurial experience in Tencent, entrepreneurs and service providers made a number of recommendations.

"the history of Tencent is also the case, when I do not know the Internet to do the communication, do not know the communication of the Internet, so I started the QQ, including the current WeChat." Ma Huateng said, this is caught a cross point."

on how to use the X business platform, he believes that the entrepreneurial team to use the platform’s mentor, a good project needs a mentor to help the objective judgment, some individual instructors may want to invest, so they will have a "sense", they will be more actively give good advice.

Ma Huateng also hope that entrepreneurs find good partners through this platform, because it is very difficult, we also have the Tencent over the past five entrepreneurs do together, complement each other to be successful". He shared with students at the University of Hong Kong last year also highlighted the "single-handed don’t venture".

In addition, Ma Huateng also suggested that the entrepreneurial team needs to learn to use the world’s mature Internet and technology platform

. "Because the time has come and we start at that time is not the same, then what are we to do, now there are a lot of open platform, the world has a good cloud, social networking, business platform, home also has a Tencent and a number of companies to provide infrastructure services. Entrepreneurs can use the platform to help themselves, so that their focus on solving the pain points".

Tencent has just acquired the controlling stake in Finland’s largest mobile gaming company Supercell. The company valued at more than $10 billion, only 180 employees. Ma Huateng believes that Finland has only about 5000000 people, less than Hongkong, can give birth to so large science and technology enterprises, it is because they use the global cloud technology and service outsourcing, so that they can be concentrated on the core of the creative part.


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