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Where is the way out for public welfare websites

has been using ASP for several years, and has done several ASP sites (which is actually called software more appropriate). To say, "do station technology" or "know something", but still remain a layman in the management of websites.

last October, by chance, I came into contact with the A5 station. It really opened my eyes. From here, I learned what SEO is, what is PR, what is the temptation page, and what is the promotion. It can be said to benefit a lot. Let me know, the website also needs to manage.

The public website

we do is difficult word query network (also called the difficult Chinese characters Handbook), completely free to use. I believe my brothers when typing are not met or not out of the word, sometimes in order to play the word you want to take a lot of trouble, difficult word query network is to solve this problem, the website included more than 70 thousand Chinese characters, is now hard to finish the remaining more than 30 thousand characters, 110 thousand characters that soon set will meet with you.

, let’s talk about the history of this site first. Difficult word query network is the predecessor of a stand-alone version of the Chinese character query software, this prototype as early as 1999 will have. After several revisions and upgrades, the software has been improved. But for the two members of the development team, this is far from enough. It will sell when it is developed, and hope that your hard work will be rewarded. That’s funny, about two people have the technology to talk about the topic, but you really want to promote the sales of software, are dumbfounded, because they do not understand business.

all the way to 2006 (I do not remember, the same time) when, after two discuss the software with ASP to write again, in the form of a website, completely free online for everyone to use. For online business, we do not know anything about it, although the site is a good site, but there are few people who know it. In this way, it was again in 2009. Special thanks are given to teaching and educating the magazine for free use of the space.

after several months of study on the A5, we are at the beginning of 2009 for the site for independent space, in the new year plan to the real intentions of operating this station we hope, can let more people know, and can provide convenience for everyone. Now the development of the site is very good, every day there are more than 100 IP, may be some people laugh, but for us, but it is a great encouragement. We firmly believe that the practical web site will certainly be recognized by all of us, and our website will certainly become more and more popular. I hope A5’s friends will support me first.

Although the

website has not done specialized, but the function definitely lets us have the confidence, takes out demonstrates: http://s.haosystem.com

business it is just getting started, I hope heroes can give provide business advice, here first time, I QQ:191221984


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