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Dear, four plug-in, you’ve made me happy for a long time

yesterday a webmaster friend recommended a I have never heard of something -6.1.0 home four four grid of cells plug-in to me, at first I did not know what is the use of this plugin, then he gave me after seeing a station with four lattice plug-in effects I probably understand. Feeling for my forum www.3szhan.com or very practical, ask a friend to download a address, intends to install a four lattice plug-in.

returned home from work after dinner with friends to the address to download a four cell pack, what should I do next? I carefully put the instructions to download the installation read again, mimihuhu, seems to be covering some files, but fortunately I work itself is to do.Net programming, so I know how try, how to start to feel. I began to open the FTP, first of all must cover the file with FTP wear to cover, then also need to change 2 files manually (below the root directory of the index.php and temples/default/ dizcus.htm), I am afraid to make mistakes so to do a backup, then according to the web pages that are inserted into a lattice code four then, put the file to the server cover, fix the ok. I couldn’t wait to see the effect. I opened my website. Www.3szhan.com, I couldn’t help screaming. I was so happy that I installed it so well. It made me feel so relaxed the other day,


doesn’t know if other webmaster friends use this. If it doesn’t work, you can try it. I feel better.

download address:

, http://s.discuz.net/viewthread.php, tid=923860&, highlight=%CB%C4%B8%F1,


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