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Clothing enterprises to carry out network marketing must know

from many factors of RMB appreciation last year, prices of raw materials, export trade, the export trade oriented industry greatly affected, especially the outbreak of the financial crisis, China’s exports declined for the first time.

when the crisis broke out, the clothing industry, which is the first to bear the brunt, has become a major competitor in the market competition in the face of difficulties. From offline to online development, not only the service industry, as well as the traditional industry development trend. In fact, as early as one or two years ago, China’s individual clothing enterprises have wading network direct marketing, the use of online shopping as the main business of the B2C model of e-commerce.

‘s awareness of network marketing

to carry out network marketing, build brand exclusive network sales website, from the enterprise to invest its own funds, establish its own brand network marketing. For enterprises to save a lot of traditional media advertising costs, reduce operating costs and cost reduction, through the Internet platform publicity, and ultimately achieve popularity convergence and product sales target. In fact, such as the B2C mode of direct website, the requirements on capital investment, but once the platform is mature, has enough popularity, is a very significant thing for network marketing, and now in the garment industry to adopt the model of VANCL brands such as PPG, etc..

carry out network marketing, pay attention to brand differentiation, brand personalized molding, this is the way to success, rather than "burn money" type of flying advertising can play an important role. First of all, in planning the brand, it is important to be able to do its own unique, this is the brand’s selling point. Secondly, the spirit contained in the enterprise into the brand, reflected in the product. The meticulous and dedicated spirit of the Japanese and Germany has made their products highly renowned in the world. Therefore, especially the clothing industry, good design and brand, that is personalized, very strong, good quality.

how to build a network of integrity

e-commerce expert China Nobel network that the clothing enterprises to carry out network marketing in the network shopping mode, great advantage is cheap, to attract young people to buy, and often the introduction of preferential prices. For example, buy two pieces of 199 yuan, and buy a piece of words will be 120 yuan, through such a price contrast to seize the psychological marketing of customers. However, the network marketing has a biggest drawbacks, is prone to bias, is that customers purchase the products and online display of deviation, enabling customers to have cheated psychological, resulting in a lot of is a type of customer, this is the garment enterprises need to ponder the question.

customers in the industry first started "try out of the box" and "30 days no reason to return" double service upgrade plan, namely the customer to get the product can be tried, satisfied after the receipt. Through this experience, improve customer satisfaction, but also improve the integrity of the brand, to achieve the effect of promotion.

expert: entity and online combination to achieve better marketing

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