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nspiration from nostalgic edition to network promotion

introduction: do not know to play games with friends recently noticed, the journey out of the "nostalgic version of the journey 9you the" dance mission "nostalgic version of this is roughly a, what is the problem? Is an attractive old game player return gimmick? Or another business idea or a game? The operator has found a new breakthrough in the game now


at least for me the two game version is more fun, and I have played, but slowly found in constant change, the original free games that need to spend a lot of money to play happy, of course, there are a large number of game player choose to leave. Not only are these two games, the classic "World of Warcraft", "world 2" these games, the old players are longing to return to the past.

games say a bunch of, and this network promotion and what is the connection, then I’ll contact you.

The old version of the

game on several methods like network to promote the early game is to let the game player to complete, the initial network promotion method is to let everyone know your website, you are familiar with the website, I hope you can bring your own website to help users.

The updating of

game version is just like the replacement of the network promotion method. With the implementation of the management idea, the demand for the rapid development of the website is more and more intense. In this environment, researchers rely on the promotion of the original method that slash-and-burn cultivation has not reached the requirements of the development. They start buying traffic, buying rankings, boasting popularity, and attracting advertising. And there are more ways for webmasters who depend on advertising unions for survival.

no matter where, regardless of their web site content, as long as it can bring IP, what methods can be used, it is unscrupulous. Busy, traffic is coming, but the quality of the flow decreased. Many cheat back friends, some in the heart silently said, "NND fooled."". Some direct replies "liar"". In fact, we ignore a little web site ah, not only traffic is very important, reputation is also very important.

promotion website to your website and content of the corresponding place to promote the purpose of promotion, so as to achieve the ideal effect of the promotion, even if your IP is less than the others, but it is your absolute PV higher than the others. Of course, the quality of the flow is also very good.

so "nostalgic version of" give us promotion friends bring is always to their promotion methods a summary, which is "promotion methods strive to perfection" (quoted mouchangqing words). What kinds of promotion do we need to discard?. Take a look at the flow of their own site, and then their hearts really have outside propaganda so well,


popularity, this thing needs website products as the basis, network promotion is just to promote the product out, but if the product is not good, the effect of promotion is better than not promotion. So, ah, we need to do more promotion, but also a lot of understanding, investigation of users of the site some of the opinions and suggestions


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