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Analyzing the direction of development of the network recruitment prospects of City Talent Network

was the first to contact the recruitment website in 2007, when the senior, job search is also relatively confused. First to participate in a small number of on-site recruitment meeting, and sometimes in Baidu search recruitment jobs, remember, received a Beijing company telephone interview, and finally is nothing. At that time, I still don’t believe the Internet recruitment, I was afraid of being cheated, and then I went to graduate school. And so again contact the network recruitment is 08 years later in July, when he went to Shenzhen practice, take the network and on-site recruitment combination of fast way to find a job. Shenzhen’s talent market is very good, except Sunday, every day there are job fairs, enterprises do not say, and free. Get up early every day to attend the job fair, hoping to find a satisfactory job. At the same time, I also go to 51job every day, China Talent Hotline these two websites. I like the 51job website very much. It really helps me to find a job. After one year’s practice, I returned to Changchun, my favorite hometown.

graduates, began to face employment, although the education level is quite high, but also had work experience, but feel that finding a satisfactory job is still very difficult. Start every day on the talent website seems to see, and they began to Changchun each recruitment website analysis. Found that the current recruitment site in Changchun, in addition to the information update 51job faster, the other basically voted resume, there is no news. And there is no local scale talent recruitment site.

is determined to do a Changchun for local talent network, want to make such a website: just want to find a job in Changchun, first thought is the Spring City talent network. Changchun local recruitment sites also have a lot, but did not form a scale. I hope I can make a successful recruitment website through my own efforts and serve the people of Changchun. My site is 09 years from the December 30th filing, while their work, while writing papers, while busy sites, although hard, but for their own interest or value. I don’t expect it to be profitable, I just want to be a platform to serve my friends in Changchun, so that everyone can find a job and no more hard work.

my website is classified more than one sentence, recruitment and part-time recruitment of two columns, the purpose is to enable enterprises to publish recruitment information more convenient. Part time recruitment is also taking into account the friends who want to be part time friends. It is more convenient to find part-time jobs in Changchun. I want to locate the main direction of development of Spring City Talent Network: 1. to provide a platform for the employment of College graduates. 2., for the workplace to provide a better space for the development of the platform. 3., I also want to set up a studio to provide free services for people without computer or internet. With the help of the studio, they can find suitable jobs. 4., for each big enterprise to provide a recruitment to satisfied staff platform,.5. for major enterprises and training schools to provide a promotion of their own platform.

is currently considering these, Hope Spring City Talent Network www.0431rcw.com really.


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