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Domestic networks Leveraging development and the Matrix Revolution

April 23rd, the domestic network of new alumni record function, a full page, in the creation of classes.

is a SNS site similar to Facebook and MySpace, which is known as a real network.

some time ago I was invited by some friends from the original blog Union, and I didn’t take it seriously. I don’t want to go to familiar blogs that I’ve been visiting. People everywhere want to say "I’m at home" at first. For example, "keso", and finally I start "I’m home",.

to tell you the truth, there is no essential difference between the domestic network and the so-called campus network, but the school network emphasizes the concept of school more, and the domestic network is comprehensive. A sea of Intranet and Facebook and MySpace have what difference, because it is because a feisibuke wind blowing over, only the sea network.

just, MySpace because of bad interface and experience poor interaction, as well as the so-called international and domestic user data synchronization problem, did not win the hearts of users. Facebook, I think this is mainly because the interface is English, can only be a few industry adopters, its role is merely feisibuke wind.

in addition to the above reasons, the success of the domestic network is the following reasons.

first, the interface is cool, user experience is high, interactive design in place.

two has been successfully bundled with popular communication tools such as MSN, Gtalk, and mobile phones. This also has a role, that is, the domestic network does not bind QQ, bound MSN, Gtalk is mainly aimed at professionals, or some "serious" crowd. This limits the expansion of the user to some extent, but increases user loyalty, or user stickiness. MSN, Gtalk and QQ are a little different, that is, contacts are mostly knowledge, or entity contacts, and to some extent agrees with the so-called "human action network"".

three is a gradual expansion of the function of the inner sea network. One of the gradual expansion is the domestic network is still in the alpha state, a considerable degree of users or IT industry. IT, of course, the industry is the backbone of the IT industry (nonsense, self cycle proof), many of these people’s behavior, such as writing blogs, mastering certain information, micro blog, etc., are more suitable for online development. The asymptotic expansion of the two is a step by step. Starting from friends, log, albums, movies, to the group, to blog, blog and subscribe to cooperation website launched the micro hot fruit heady, then to today launched alumni.

from the hot text to alumni records, we can guess, the domestic network of music, reading is natural, even to diet, beauty, as long as people have the will to participate.

if the country is the best


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