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Baidu paste it can not add links, how should drainage

About Baidu Post Bar article, I believe we are familiar with, as a matter of fact, the odd billion network Xiaobian of this kind of article whether learning or share it, also have numerous, until in the process of practice can effectively find empathy and previous experience. You may complain that these are not dry, dry, and eggs, in fact, you are missing the heart of discovery, do not say so, so as not to mention Xiaobian in nonsense, and quickly enter the subject bar.

people say Post Bar drainage lever, especially the weight of Baidu Post Bar brings everyone is Baidu’s products obvious to people, ah, give special care not to mention, just search a word, ranking there are several Baidu products, so make good use of Post Bar, good natural be nothing difficult. However, we should be found, Baidu Post Bar began to rectify the post with a link in the early this year, strictly control the free left link behavior, a little inattentive, delete titles are common, then the problem, Baidu Post Bar cannot add links, and how the drainage of


first Baidu Post Bar suitable for any industry, any drainage channels of the platform, in fact, Baidu Post Bar post is not really can’t add links, but is not "add links only, as long as there are skills, links, contact with what is not a thing! But with these things are not for our purposes, the introduction of traffic is our ultimate goal. Specific how to do, please listen to odd small Bian Bian to you side, for example, side analysis, can listen to good,


first, find the right place.

Why should

emphasize positioning? It’s simple. If you want to attract users, you must first locate the target and content that you want to promote, and what kind of user traffic you want to attract in order to make the drainage more accurate. For example, a real estate website, is to attract economic strength and demand of users, the user location is the sale of the house, the user is not easy to be found, but as long as a good location, we can begin to dig channels.

second, find the correct section.

in the positioning of their users, then in the right section to find the right people. Of course, even if your purpose is to allow users to enter the site you want to see the sale of the house, but hard to house information and links to stay, users don’t really talk to you, after all, buy a house is a tortuous process, the generous who would not easily start, therefore need to do is to accumulate for potential users convenient sales late. This group of users from where to find? Of course is to attract users Post Bar corresponding section, then the target can choose wedding, pets and so on, this group of users are starting a family couple, there is demand for the purchase, and pets mostly have a certain economic strength, can be used as a breakthrough posted drainage.

third, posting.


finds the section, he begins to process the content of the post, but the content is not "somewhere, the house is sold, who needs to buy", and so on, and then attached links and the like


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