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Dead in tomorrow’s webmaster is the most sad webmaster

today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people die in the evening, can not see the day after tomorrow sun!


from a strict sense, the webmaster belongs to the start-up group, so the successful model of entrepreneurs, Ma Yun this sentence is particularly suitable for grassroots webmaster.

traffic is very small today, less traffic tomorrow, the day after tomorrow traffic is very high, but many people in the evening to close their website, and can not receive the day after tomorrow GG mail advertising fees!


Ma Yun’s sentence was recognized by many friends, because he succeeded, and more importantly, he worked hard, he insisted,


every day people feeling less traffic, you might say, you persist in nearly a year’s time, the website or the flow is very few, but you have not considered, you so-called adhere to adhere to a habit of waiting or effort.

same process must have the same result, many friends because of the beginning of the site positioning is not clear, did not grasp the reasonable website promotion method, the result site failed. He thought, insist, insist again! So he made a new station, but is still positioning is not clear, still there is no reasonable method, so he eventually gave up, and also draw a conclusion, insist on will be successful.

many webmaster have entered this industry for nearly a year, and some have through their own efforts to make themselves a qualified webmaster, and more still in the webmaster’s door wandering outside. The webmaster is a hard industry, impression, from May the first phase of the training to the primary station now will host the fifth primary webmaster training, my friends, the sunset dune insisted, and now do better, most of them are diverted to the other students. I think it is wise to change friends, men climb into the wrong line, women are afraid of choosing the wrong Lang, they have not yet started before they realize that they will not succeed, so it does not start.

and more friends in this industry which spell hit N years, let them write a webmaster bitter history, maybe you can write a book, as the saying goes: a medicine, suggest that these friends, since you have come to this step, don’t give up easily, calm down integration its resources. Hold on a little longer, and you may soon see the dawn of victory.

anything, or not do, or do their best, you can choose to give up today, choose not to start, because tomorrow than today, even more brutal, but don’t give up, don’t give up halfway because tomorrow night, the day after tomorrow is the dawn of victory, success often is perhaps more than others to hold for a while.

webmaster mostly male compatriots, knife as one of the male compatriots, remind friends, do stand so, life is even more so. If anything has already started, do not give up easily, because you give up not only is oneself pursues, moreover more importantly, you give up is the man specially


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