May ask what you think For source news

on the original, Baidu encyclopedia gives its definition of a number of, but no matter which one emphasized a "original" word – not copy imitation. In this way, strictly speaking, network promotion personnel are difficult to guarantee that their articles are absolutely original.

because the website needs plenty of fresh blood, in order to attract the audience Everfount, every day to do the original, for individual owners, especially is not very good at writing soft Wen webmaster, is difficult, but as the saying goes, such as man, plagiarism is not only related to the moral quality and copyright issues, sometimes it is difficult to use".

copycat culture everywhere, people in a few years a few months of the original, are on the back foot master copycat copy, the enthusiasm of the original author is really discouraged, yesterday a webmaster wrote an article "on the website for the record, the webmaster how to hold the" plots, A5 included no one will be a weight loss website to "borrow" hang an information network, in addition to the copyright information "Wikipedia" replaced the original word for word. The author of the original hard to write in the morning, and he only took a few seconds to put him into the original family, creation and not the "small month weight", for a weight loss website, do not know they borrow this article how use

?In fact, the original

really want to do is not an almost inaccessible thing, people are through imitation and then slowly break through, including the young toddler, learn to use chopsticks, parents can only teach us the most basic things, as for how to run quickly, how to use chopsticks are more stable, after we learned to grasp the skill of self. We can look at how other people’s articles are written, the same material, how you organize the material, and what other people do better,


perhaps writing for most people only "lack of material", more people can not write, but self feeling, there is nothing to write. In my experience, news is the best source of material.

news, highlight a "new" word, first you use news spread will give people a fresh feeling, arouse the readers’ interest, easy to resonate, but also let the reader with absorb new knowledge in the psychological point of view of your article, better efficiency. Secondly, ask him what so clear is the springhead?". The news is here every day, so you don’t have to worry about anything new. For example, Lu Xun had a domain name sentencing results, I immediately write the "take a good domain name does not take Lu Xun as the same wonderful" gimmick, followed by cybersquatting wave coming, I wrote "the law when the domain name clear scalpers when to stop", the two article hits are good, interested friends you can see soso. Or go to Hulu blog to see.

last but is also a very important point, careful understanding of life, from the daily life of the accumulation of material, days and months multiplying writing if there is God, if not, at least to write the article too empty. Original article source: webmaster Encyclopedia


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