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How does a part-time webmaster combine experience with career planning

had seen statistics, accounted for the majority of part-time webmaster webmaster, many webmaster to dream of success, the reality is very cruel, successful after all few, put your site as your job, career or even commercial operation is less. Well, as the majority of webmaster, we are in full effort in the process, the most insurance method is in the webmaster process, the webmaster experience and our lifelong career planning combination. In so doing, even if one day we failed in the webmaster, and will not have no survival skills, career direction and goals. Let’s call it a day. How to let Adsense experience and their career planning combination, as follows:

first of all, the station needs to understand the industry information, analyze the industry data, and have similar professional data analysis, market research and other positions. This is also an essential quality of enterprise executives.

secondly, website production needs planning before, website planning is a strategic decision, but also a tactical preparation, the direction of the site, the audience to the website, profit model, and so on, will involve. Site planning and many other industries are planning not deviate from the core ideas are the same, planning is a necessary quality of corporate executives.


website design and development is a relatively technical work, if you want to work in technology or to beautify the interface, I want a professional web technical staff will be with the progress and development of your site and progress.

fourth web content there is a special type of maintenance: network editor, network editor is the main work planning website content and maintenance of web content, I think since a webmaster can make a website, web editor this should be every webmaster should be capable of.

fifth website promotion, website promotion of technical skills will be more, SEO, network marketing, and so on, there is only one outstanding, but also afraid that they can’t find a job,


sixth web site operators, how the income of the site? Advertising or other, I think as a personal webmaster, a lot of people have thought and practice, grasp the site operating costs, expand the site’s profit sources, this should not be a difficult task for personal webmaster. It is also a question that executives often need to think about.

seventh marketing cooperation, a successful webmaster is definitely not a Indoorsman, participate in various meetings of the forum of great help to the individual owners, and networking partners are very good.

with the above personal Adsense experience, you still worry about their future not reliable,


of course, a person’s ability and energy is limited, to do everything so that you easier said than done, choose a direction, focus, focus and attention, since the day of our station can not succeed, but we left the precious experience and ability. Personal webmaster and professional have an ability may not train >


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