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Heartbreak tells you how to post an article on A5 without being deleted

A5 every day to go for me has become a habit for me, although I know this article ninety-nine percent of the articles have tended to be "soft" (only for propaganda purposes and a website.) but here can let me understand the moment happened or is happening in the circle what! If you are a new start webmaster can quickly let you grow into a Almighty webmaster here, SEO, promotion, money, soft, and so on, do not know if you are in a what kind of attitude to A5, I personally, it is because of the A5 the focus of the circle gathered here to express my ideas, and feeling even for a link with a small "soft" we have become essential to every thing.

no specific statistics on how many stations in here to send the day, but the number we can see that the number of the article in one hundred and fifty or so, but the first column position of the Adsense nets page is probably the 25 position, the following SEO Wangzhuan, Internet, leisure three sections each probably is the 15 article position is 3*15+25=70, the exposure rate was about fifty percent, that is to say you write an article if it can appear on the home page by chance is still quite large, so here is the general analysis about the number of different articles every day, after all I think it should be different the.

to see whether the forum comments or go to the forum, people often complain that it is difficult to articles published in A5, even on the front page to face even more difficult, because the article on the front page that a high click rate, the most important is the high reprint rate, we all know that no small webmaster information content is mostly to collect from the A5, I think this is the webmaster never write on article Add URL of the ultimate goal, batch easily add links to websites, but really every day to write but how many, whether you experience sharing or do stand out life sentiment, and exchange, really useful to the webmaster, I think is not the good editors present articles to readers before.

look at the first page of the article, and not every shows the author’s full of wit, the most important thing is true, according to my private and A5 editors learned to communicate every day they delete articles are not dozens of articles, why? Because some owners the intention is to increase the chain increase the number (the number of external links) with someone else’s title change made up, even at the end of the original label, notes on copyright and even write what, QQ, ah, when I heard the editors explain these when I really feel Speechless, even I can’t smile. Editors are not idiots. They have N ways to quickly judge whether your article is copied by someone else, or at least copied the article on A5.

is going to send an article on A5


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