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BBS’s future (two) College BBS decline, but BBS youth is not lost

recently a domestic movie "to us eventually lost youth" became a hot topic, the youth will eventually break up, the reality is far more ruthless than the film, there are more disappointment and even despair, there are more dense black, love, dream and faith may be shattered. But keep a tender place for your heart. Keep warm and face the cruelty. "Youth" also triggered the Internet for college BBS youth memories. Last month 27, one of the earliest university BBS, "I love Nankai BBS" will usher in the 18th anniversary station celebration, but also the new version of "I love Nankai BBS" birthday. In 1995, the "I love Nankai BBS" was launched last year. At the same time the old version of the BBS will enter the read-only state, in addition to continue to use the nkbbs.org domain name, post, issued a personal anthology stop function, which means that at the earliest well-known university in BBS, and a member to withdraw from the stage of history".

"I love Nankai BBS" decline is not the only one in the University BBS. As early as 2011, Fudan University BBS (Network Forum), "sun and moon Guanghua" 66 pages because of low popularity, was included in the list of closed inspection. Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University BBS station number is no longer daily million grand. CNNIC released the "twenty-ninth China Internet development report" shows that in 2012 the community / forum users is 144 million 690 thousand, the growth rate is negative 2.3%, Internet products become the birth of negative growth for the first time in more than 10 years. And University BBS is the development of BBS is slow, user activity drops the fastest. Looking back on the University BBS, condensed countless college students on campus memories of youth, there is bitter, there is a sore spot, but more is the youth of the sway of the future good hope. And now the University BBS, but with the decline of this product form and gradually fade out of College life.

BBS still exists in Colleges and universities, and it is still one of the necessary platforms for communicating information and generating topics in campus life. But the "shrink off" version is indeed a lot of colleges and universities BBS have to face the problem. From the previous Campus Internet hero, become tasteless gesture, sorry indeed to chicken ribs. However, we have to see the problems faced by its development. If you choose too much, your attention will be dispersed, and your interest and attention to something will be reduced. This is just like your parents and even grandparents usually complain about today’s meat dishes ah, ah as before the incense, there are large quantities of planting taste problem brought by feeding, but more because of the improvement of the quality of life, food is no longer scarce. So do Internet users and college students. BBS’s decline probably began with the rise of social networking sites such as SNS in about 08 years, and the birth of micro-blog in 2010 officially sounded the alarm for the traditional forum community. And the emergence of micro-blog, WeChat and all kinds of social networking sites, not only transferred the user, but also transferred the news and hot topics of the dissemination platform. B>


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