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At the age of 24 into millionaires now worth billions of dollars he was known as the first China web

Abstract: hao123, looking for a web site, ip138, query IP or domain name address… These sites have common characteristics: focus on a single function at a glance, and in line with the needs of the public. It is these characteristics, achievements belong to the legend of Li Xingping.


in the Internet created legend,

Bill Gates has such an early drop out of business, do not take the unusual way of genius;

graduated from Robin Li, the country’s top institutions, but also to go abroad for further study, "turtle" elite;

also has this kind of Li Xingping, without any background, education, the birth of peasant families, completely rely on their own hard work of ordinary people.

someone else’s child

1979, Li Xingping was born in Guangdong, Xingning, a peasant family.

Li Xingping and other people’s children, not because of how good, on the contrary, Li Xingping graduated from junior high school dropout home farm.

1991, the Internet has gradually spread in China, Li Xingping’s hometown of Xingning has the first Internet cafes. Since then, Li Xingping hooked on the network. Later, he found a network work all day in the Internet bubble, and their favorite network.

at that time, Li Xingping would not think of, that is, when he was the experience of network management, changed the trajectory of his life.

let him get rid of poverty and mediocrity, becoming China’s first webmaster, become one of the Internet legend.

found Internet opportunities in grassroots groups

1999, the Internet belongs to the beginning stage in Chinese even, Internet users are online for white, do not know how to use a lot of resources, and perennial in the cafe Li Xingping discovered the problem.

now, if you just click on a browser, it will jump out of a web site navigation page, there are most of the sites you want to go.

at that time, the mainstream browser IE interface is like this:


open is a blank, jump any web site need to enter the complex web site, is a very troublesome thing.

If the

is perennial steeped network, a lot of Web site by heart Li Xingping, also often feel the Internet is not convenient, not to mention those people just contact network.

at that time, the Internet is a very burn things, so many people will be a waste of time and money in the process of looking for the web site.

so, Li Xingping thought of a solution. He designed a website of his own, and then he thought that a good site to gather together, and their own personal web pages and links to these sites. To his surprise


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