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Wangzhuan my way money can not rely on advertising


This article mainly introduces the

I began to enter the mobile phone industry, combined with the experience and methods to make money using the website of the mall, there are many ways to make money on the Internet, as long as you are willing to think, not what

wants not to come out!


, I believe that many webmaster friends do website in order to make money, if it is for interest, then this article you don’t have to look down,


many webmaster generally think, do web site, do flow, hang advertising, etc money. And so on, I began to contact the website, from learning Wangzhuan beginning and everyone else, is this to the website advertising money


but recently I began to get a mobile phone type website (www.mbjia.com), just started when I was updated by common method (Collection), every collection of some website information, then Baidu included, I think the mobile phone industry if commoly, flow of natural high! As smooth things and I imagine, began less than a week, Baidu also included my more than 2000 page, then I put the website, I do not know what is like, Baidu included began to slowly decrease (this I do not say).

I thought has thus changed, even if the flow of my Wangzhuan high again, is my GG day 10 knife, my destiny is always in the hands of others, if my site traffic is reduced, included naturally less, how can I get to use real money flow? I want to introduce information station + mobile phone sales network to make money! (here they open it! In fact is graph king money like this, he first established the website Admin5, through continuous development, in the industry with visibility, and then began his product sales plan in Admin5 my friends all know that graph king is the first domain sales, and then engage in a server flat-share, now flat-share has reached sixth servers, the business is really getting better). My site traffic is not much, only more than 1000 of it, and then I apply for a free shop in maifou, to top their own domain name, I’ll go to some places to get some cheap mobile phone agents, since the beginning of impulsion, eat a lot of money.


has a mobile phone supply, needless to say is to promote, is preferred since I website advertising hanging on your site advertising skills is very important, I also began to get a banner, add a connection, but this effect is not big, the day is just 10 clicks, I analysis of willing, then I thought after I, advertising scope is too broad, it is to take you to a store, what products to choose their own right, many customers do not know what they need, so even the door is not the only, so that they can know what is there in the the door, they want to go shopping after this! "


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