The pain of a grassroots webmaster

this is an article that has nothing to do with doing a station, just want to record the mood of oneself at the moment. Usually like to turn on the Admin5, today really mood is very depressed, just want to borrow a place to talk to people.

rain hit the cold. The fallen leaves have not yet enjoyed the warmth of spring, and they are mercilessly swept down.

I am also a webmaster, but only a grassroots webmaster. In order to pursue his hobby and continued to struggle, how many nights set in front of the screen, how to use the time to rest the shuttle in the webmaster station.

, but I’m just a grass root webmaster. I cling to my web site with an obsession that is hard to understand, but like many grassroots people, we are not professionals. We are not rich. Besides a little poor blood, what else?.

got up this morning and found my motorcycle was stolen. The motorcycle is the most precious and most important of all my possessions. Report to the police station and ask if you can get it back. The police uncle doubled his hands: "good luck, maybe."." What luck do I dare to talk about?. This is the third motorcycle I have stolen.

you don’t laugh. I was three times down in the same place. I was so careful in this car that I never dared to spend the night outside, and every day I put it in the garage.

, the loss of this car made me have a little fear of the grass roots two words. Why is it just a motorcycle that makes me so sad? The grass roots have to face life. Since standing, I can’t even buy a decent space. Once in "Ali mother" across the birth of ecstasy, thought it was time to turn over to do the landlord, but the result found that it is only a movement of the upper capital of the enclosure.

is going to leave the website for a while, because I have to fight for fourth motorcycles.


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