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Writing site HubPages5 secret of 39 million independent visitors

October 26th news, according to foreign media reports, writing site HubPages (hubpages.com) CEO Paul · Edmondson (Paul Edmondson) in the well-known technology blog Techcrunch published a signed article analysis of HubPages from 2006 to now, 39 million independent visitors experience.

the following is a full text summary:

3 principles,

we want to make HubPages a successful social content community, so since its launch in August 2006, we’ve been sticking to 3 principles:

first, we need to make it easier and easier for authors to create content.

second, we want to be able to draw traffic to the author’s content.

third, we want to share most of the revenue with the author.

The relationship between

traffic and content life

our original plan was to make natural search a major source of traffic, but it wasn’t until November 2006 that we began to get good traffic from the search engines. Until now, we are also constantly improving the platform to help HubPages authors have better opportunities to appear in the results of natural search. A key aspect of gaining larger traffic is the life of the content.

The content created by

on HubPages will take 3 years to reach its peak. After we have mastered this situation, our business has become more predictable. For the author, writing a HubPages article is like saving a small amount of money in a bank. Its value will increase over the next 3 years, and it will remain that level for the foreseeable future. Much of the content created in the early stages of HubPages, whose revenues have increased substantially over the last 3 years, also helps us continue to expand the company.

prediction model

we’re starting to focus on some metrics. HubPages has two major drivers: the amount of content created and revenue per 1000 views. We have developed a model based on this, which helps us to do precise micro marketing, such as attracting the author’s search engine marketing. By analyzing the pages created by the new authors, our model predicts the flow and revenue generated by a new author at different times. This prediction model is of great significance in our development.

control quality

in the early development of HubPages, we have decided that we don’t want to be the quality of an arbitrator, not to try to control people specifically what to write, but we soon found that quality and advertisers completely open on this platform (which contains adult content and discontent >)


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