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The secret of the revival of portal in mobile nternet Era


from the Internet into China from the date, impetuous wind will prevail. Every year, we always welcome many models and products. The A wheel, B wheel, tens of millions of dollars hit and hit, and the IPO model may not be profitable. The constant pursuit of the so-called capital value, ups and downs in the rivers and lakes, in addition to so a few bright representatives, is the case of many buried bone battlefield, a can not use digital statistics complete market.

a few days ago, a friend said a word, I have deep feeling: when someone sing a bad industry, it is the beginning of this industry ushered in the peak. Others sing you down, you must have affected the interests of others.

, for example, this year’s popular "portal mouthing theory" is a classic case, the biggest rhetoric is the development of mobile Internet and traditional Internet traffic growth slowed down or down the theory.

requirements will not be replaced, portals don’t die, users will last forever,

Chinese Internet just over twenty years old birthday, really entered the stage in 2000 about the rapid development of the domestic Internet, all kinds of model to imitate, from the initial ship developed rapidly, but compared to the traditional industry, the domestic Internet industry is still a newborn child. The user base determines the capacity of the market, while the traditional portal must also go through the process of new evolution from Web1.0 to Web2.0, and now the mobile Internet era, the traditional traffic slowdown Internet portal, is essentially a functional differentiation rather than an alternative, such as browsing the news center to browse news client, BBS discussion to micro-blog or other social APP. These are some of the functions of differentiation, the traditional Internet and mobile Internet will promote each other, gradually integrated, rather than simply replaced.

this is the Internet self evolution, or the market’s self purification process, is a kind of lifting, the needs of users is constantly increasing, which is caused by the continuous development of hardware, simple programming, simple command and intelligent home computer soft disk early, the actual available capacity is only 1.38M, graphic the interface also needs to be guided by the DOS command system, but now we now look back at the development of computer hardware, has been completely beyond, a small capacity 64G TF card, household popularity more than 10M bandwidth is very common. And our demand for information, but also beyond the passive absorption of the Web1.0 era, but more emphasis on social interaction. The information sharing convenience of users has been continuously improved, and the information distribution channels and channels have also been changing.

user demand for Internet is rising, as early as 2001, in fact, the mobile Internet has entered, then the three major portals have launched the construction of WAP site, although rare, but has been. The advent of mobile Internet, the portal has not been behind, the good memory of the net friend will not forget, in the Chinese Internet


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