The real mystery of a $12 Google Adsense

recently, my little brother bored, got a blog, and, of course, applied for Google Adsense. He wrote in English, the unit price can be, at any point, about 0.5 dollars. His method is also simple, every day in school, use different WIFI area, point to own advertisement.

then uses MSN to give his friends and classmates publicity to increase the display. CTR is also relatively high, generally around 20%.

so, Google sends money to him, why?


mainly because of such a thing:

once he asked me to help him with the ad, I opened his blog, ordered an ad, and then, when he finished, his Google Adsense showed $12 plus, and he asked me what was the matter.

I told him one of those secrets:

My point is

DELL ads directly with the machine to see how much money, so with more money, Google advertising, not to say that you point will give you a good price, the key is to see the depth of your access level.

if you order some insurance ads, submit a document or something, and give more money.

and, generally speaking, such self clicking is not to be cheated by Google. Because the main advertising itself is the need to have the effect of advertising, advertising, such as real estate brokerage, the effect is much more than the telephone consultation opinion, not to see if you were really a house, because there is no such advertising can guarantee the turnover rate.

in general, as long as the advertisers that achieve, feel good advertising platform, will continue to spend advertising, Google itself is to earn the money, and you just help his best helper, so how would you.

so many people every day their own point of Google advertising, plus a few cents feel good, in fact, really play Google, click a few things will not do it.

Google technology is powerful, that is, you can trace to deep access, but this is also the biggest vulnerability.

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