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On the development of Chinese personal websites

Hello everyone, I hope this article will bring you a little bit of ideas. Give everyone a starting line. There are many websites in China, but there are not many websites for cattle in China. At the same time, many stations in China do not have enough money to eat. It is also regarded as one of There are plenty of people who, I. Actually, that’s normal. That’s because we’re lazy. What I’m talking about is laziness, not physical laziness, but brain thinking, lazy. I think a lot of webmaster is still updating the content of the website, reprint articles, write soft text promotion, these methods are very good, also has effect. But imagine how tired it all is. How long does it take?. At the same time, or do repeated things day after day, many webmasters are very patient. It is worth noting that Yang is also worth learning. But you want to do the same thing that most people do the same thing?. You really can’t be different from them. Not you can, but you are too lazy to try.

believe me, listen to my ideas and you’ll make your website visible in front of more user computers. But there is one that you must not be lazy, and think more.

I like to compare. I think we’ll see more clearly about this example.

China’s 90% webmaster every day in the release of new content. In the update site, but most of these 90% webmaster are tired half dead, the most hand benefit is very low.

and China has 10% of the webmaster, they basically do not update the site. However, most of the content submitted every time will be very popular, but also bring great traffic. At the same time, the benefits are very high.

is doing the website, I think many old webmaster know this. Often, a lot of content is not visited by people. But some of the content may be accessed very high. That’s the only difference. Well worth our analysis.

and then make an analogy, many webmaster updated every day, content too thousand or over W, but Baidu included how much, and can give how many IP?.

can some webmaster simple simple hair an article, Baidu immediately included. At the same time, it soon brings a lot of traffic.

the difference is there, the difference is that many webmasters are too lazy. They are lazy to think. Here, I strongly suggest that webmasters should think more and think more. The time to reprint articles, to spend promotional time to think about.

, for the time being, I’ll write a more complete article next time.


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