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Network marketing data analysis the greatest skill is execution

recently, Mu teacher assigned second tasks, data collection. The main contents of the data collection tasks: collecting all the current online "Links exchange platform" websites, and then publish your website in the above information and teacher information, finally to sort out the relevant data of these websites Link Exchange platform. I take part in this task is relatively late, has been busy for work, until the task second days, and have do quite well, for example, Cao Jiasu senior, have already registered a lot, and use the search engine syntax included more than 100 stations, the execution of high let me surprised. Here are some of my experiences in this mission.

1. Clear up ideas and quickly organize

with skills

saw my first reaction after the task is to Baidu search "Links platform" is the first page, but I soon found a brother Cao and the same rules, these websites use the source code is almost the same, as long as it is ASP, there is a special script exchange.asp, so I think to inurl the Grammar (see before I write how to effectively exchange to gov station Links), and then I think of a tool, but then suddenly something did not continue to test. 20 evening, and listen to the teacher talked about the meaning of data collection, I began to realize a web site of the chain, Baidu included, Alexa is to judge a site of the most important factors.

this afternoon, the whole work was over, so I began to find one of the software I used to dig the chicken. Excavator is a full use of search engines hacking hackers commonly used auxiliary tools, software customization has many keywords, we can enter in the key words we want to find keywords.


mining chicken soon began the search with the keyword automatic conditions "in accordance with our requirements, then search a lot, but according to my experience in search of a minute and can click the upper right corner of the box to stop, behind is basically useless.


search so much, in fact, a lot of useless. Then patience is needed. Press ctrl+a to select and copy to a text document, one by one screening, down from the screen to a certain position that results do not meet on the back of the do not meet, can be in after screening into excl.

two, carefully observed and found the meaning behind the data

carefully collected in the friendship link platform site, I began in accordance with the master said data analysis method, chose to analyze these sites Baidu included amount and PR, and snapshot, alexa. Baidu included amount can explain your website in these sites after submission, whether it will be included in the search engine, Baidu snapshot can reflect this >


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