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The analysis of network marketing planning case soft hard soft enough to more just

whether it is offline marketing or network marketing, the core is planning, is creative. The ultimate carrier of creativity is copywriting, whether it is website (shop) need sales force copy, network communication needs creative network marketing copy. The essence of marketing and communication is to create customer core value, and it all needs good ideas and good copywriting and creative copywriting! Is the only rule to solve the site traffic, brand communication, product sales! No good copy, you are a network advertisement sending machine! No good ideas, you are a network of garbage maker! And this is why a lot of people to participate in network marketing training, learn a variety of network communication means and ways, but do not have the essence of good network marketing. Cai Gen Tan network marketing agency found a good network promotion soft – Shanghai is only suitable for love recently in the horizon community home, not for love, and share their own analysis of the soft writing and spread of community opinion.

This post is for

pill box do soft Wen promotion, November 17th to upload the article, see access statistics in November 20th 28582 times Gen Tan network marketing agency, more than 100. More cattle is soft Wen, was recommended by the end of the world to the home page. A more than 1000 word essay has such an effect, really amazing, but also for the vast number of network marketing workers dream goal. In the eyes of many roots, it is worth learning from the place in this paper. First is the title – Shanghai is only suitable for love, not for love. In today’s online speech, sex and love have been largely deregulated. However, the topic of sex is still a hot spot in the network, very attractive, not to mention the title and product, target audience is highly related.

second, text writing, the article is not long, more than 1000 words, but the description of several details of the scene. The details are the ability to capture the mind of the audience, allowing the reader to follow the pattern of the text in your mind. At the same time, the text of short, casual, petty bourgeoisie, very in line with network culture and Internet users’ reading habits, specific writing skills here is not deep talk.

, and finally, as the story needs to be embedded in the product brand, it can be very clever, most people do not think it is advertising. The owner also think the article reflects the society a gas, will be favorable, can bring a lot of visitors, so it is recommended to focus on the page. This adds to the effect of access.

again, as a forum for community marketing, interaction is required. And know the post planners, although very soft, can bring a lot of access, but the advertising effect is not thorough, so in a few posts, then point out advertising advertising products and strengthen the brand name, you know this is advertising, the author also admire posts have great originality.

posts in two days more than 28 thousand of the visit, in today’s era of scarcity is the eye, the value of gold, this is the creative value. We do a lot of network promotion work, only know the product name, >


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