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Several simple methods for increasing average PV

content is "kingly way", this everyone knows, good content can attract people, can cause others to click. Here I’d like to talk about several simple ways to increase the average PV.

picture sites are generally higher than the average PV on the site. Why is that?


pictures than text more intuitive pictures faster than to see the text quickly and pictures than text for "large area, more easy to let the eye rest on top, and then through the thinking is point or not, or the condition of anti striker can’t help to point up, it is a common type of hand base Forum (this is the case because often these content, form a habit so can’t help).

clearly shows how important pictures are to websites. The picture is very intuitive but his weakness is not detailed enough, see the pictures you can know roughly the content, but not specific, because a part of this picture is the content of the article, in order to strengthen the understanding of the contents of the tourists, so to guide them, then of course, to use the title to show that it can further illustrate the general content this article, by clicking on the. The combination of pictures and text allows visitors to fully understand the content of the site and understand what he needs to click.


picture section is next to the corresponding article column, and the viewer can understand the approximate content through the picture, while the title of the next article reinforces the interpretation of the article. The picture is content and the title is "boot". This is equivalent to showing the content of the article. Visitors can click to browse, and on the other hand, pictures cause click desire, and more articles can be clicked.

is not the home page, or the page content as far as possible to increase the picture, the content page should be placed in the picture below, because the first visitors should see the content, when they look down to the end of the content, "immediately, then the picture below is easy to arouse their attention, if the advertising words, be sure the hit rate is not high, of course, not the advertising pictures more attractive.

another, the title of the home page, shows that in order to facilitate visitors in the shortest possible time to browse what they want, we must guide them. Here I suggest using colors to highlight classic content. The entire site is all rigid, a color, easy to fatigue, pictures and colored article title, can let website homepage Add a lot of, can let the website immediately live, average PV will rise. Of course, to maintain a degree, if the color of the title is too much, the website will be annoying and garish, this should be by their own grasp. (except for non mainstream sites some people love those brightly coloured by


related articles, this is also very important. On the content page, when visitors are about to browse a web page, there are usually several actions, 1, turn off 2, click navigation bar 3, and click the relevant articles near the article. 4, back to the home page. The first one was not interested in the content, and there was no way to keep him going


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