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The movie station was collected to see the power of the chain

recently China is in a critical period of earthquake relief, see a lot of people dead, feel very sad, especially those children, really poor, in addition to donate some money, the other can not help what busy, hey. But the true story of the book. A few days ago made a movie station, http://s.97aimo.cn (love touch film and television), in order to be faster by Baidu included, think of some methods…. First consider the title of the website, can not find very popular, because the popular words, new sites is difficult to do. For example my site http://s.97aimo.cn (touch film), if the website main keywords set to "free movie" "film" and so on popular word that was collected to estimate is very difficult, not to say not included, only that difficulty is relatively large, because my site program is "Marx", now make the movie station with a lot of Marx programs, such as movie station the same program on the network do not know how many, if the same procedure used too much, will also increase the difficulty to be included, (personal opinion) my website http://s. www.97aimo.cn (touch film) is launched in April 9th, after what the chain no, look to see if it is not to be included, the results of a week, the site www.97aimo.cn is not included, estimated to be included the possibility of so little. Consider not included in the reasons for 2, first, included in the assessment period did not come out. Second, because there is no chain, spider did not climb. The latter is more likely to feel. Then through a friend to find 2 high weight station 2 outside the chain, the chain of the station because a friend is not released, and continue to wait for a week, in April 30th, the Baidu site www.97aimo.cn, suddenly found included 3420 pages, see the following Baidu snapshot that is April 17th, by the snapshot basic understand, if the new station can be quickly collected, pay attention to 2 points:

1. on the line immediately after do the chain, to find Baidu updated daily station to do outside the chain, so as to increase your speed.

The title of the

2. website is not very popular, and the Baidu index is high. After this ranking can increase traffic, and easy to include.

so I did this movie station is to observe the effect of the chain, the chain to see how much impact on the new station, now I stand http://s.97aimo.cn (touch film) do not link to the chain increases, the number of pages included in Baidu now from 3420 down to 157, write today the purpose of this article is reprinted friends don’t take my request to station connection removed, want to increase the chain through this article. Look at the increase in the chain after the impact of the search engine, and so on, with the results, through here to tell you. Finally I wish all the webmaster Fadacai, large fortune, male owners find a good wife, female owners to find a good husband, married to reach old age together. "


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