Six cornerstones of community construction

first of all, we need to understand the basic needs of the website users and the community.

information needs (access to information) > communication needs (participate in discussion: reply, post); > make friends;

for these most basic needs, product forms and functions of innovation, we need to do the following.

1: information and content should have unique positioning.

now there are all kinds of different kinds of communities in the Internet. If you want to break through, you need to find a new way of positioning.

many industry insiders have been discussing the watercress user experience how good, in fact I think the success of Douban, good user experience is on the one hand, the main or watercress in the information do clever location: located in the book, book reviews. Through the unique positioning of the website, the effectiveness of community information can be improved, and the editing cost of community information will be reduced. (Dangdang and other web sites provide watercress with ready-made information resources)

two: need to establish information filtering mechanism.

in the book review section, watercress introduced comments "other people’s comment" function, for the book reviews the content of the information screening.

is not to say that the quality of the news headlines can be as high as the community website, community to work through a benign information screening mechanism, the activation of effective information within the community a lot.

three needs to build a good community atmosphere and community culture.

Tianya, mop and watercress have their own unique community culture. These unique community temperament will also attract the majority of Internet users competitive advantage, and in some ways can guide the behavior of Internet users, easy to create web site in line with high-quality information.

four: the need for deep excavation of potential information value within the community.

most of the community’s effective information comes from Internet users posting, and the information about the replies of netizens is also screened and excavated to a certain extent. So that the quality of the response to better reflect the information.

In addition to digging for the potential value of community information,

can also tap deep into the community’s dating section.

five: community needs reward mechanism.

has many forms, points, props, and so on.

six: the community needs a smoking room.

The establishment of

community culture and information screening mechanism itself is also a reward standard, which can motivate and train a group of loyal users with higher levels to provide high-quality information for a long time. But a large number of users are simply getting information, and in order to attract them, they need to provide a place for activities, a lighter, more open environment, a smoking room. In watercress


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