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Try nternet direct marketing in the economic crisis

spends every day in the shadow of layoffs, and I think I should take the time to prepare my way. In the last month, I tried the Internet marketing of health care products. The effect is good. Now I will share the experience and lessons:

The secret of

Internet direct sales: a large number of key sales coverage,

one of my friends provided me with the source of goods. I opened a shop on Taobao. What I need to think about is how to sell things through the internet. But on the network there is no good promotion methods and skills, find a few websites advertising, the effect is general. At the early stage, I did not find the way, very little money, until I met on the horse brother, he told me a lot of tips to sell things on the Internet, he recommend me some online marketing tools, I now call it "the combination of direct mail sending". Through direct mail, revenue has risen.

network direct selling gold partner = direct mail mass + move mass language + enterprise post office

in addition to the one hundred thousand business people to provide advanced lean horse’s email address, he gave me a group of software, it has to search the forum registered mail address of the function, solve the email address validity, the number of active and acquisition problems.

mail to the user’s mailbox, whether or not to let him open the mailbox depends on your mass language. What do you write in the mail?. And most importantly, you must write down your main appeals in the title, such as what your product is and what benefits you can bring to each other. For example: I now promote "man" series of products, the title of the mail: "quickly use" man ", the revitalization of the wind is no longer difficult. This title is much better than the "manly" series of products I’ve just started.

finally, it is worth mentioning that: we should have their own enterprise post office

in practice, found that if you have a dedicated enterprise mailbox, customer conversion rate is much higher. I think this may be because many users judge the strength of the sender from the suffix of the mail. For example: [email protected] is far more powerful than [email protected] We can try this one. My e-mail is brother to help me buy a lean horse, 100M, 5 users with 99 yuan, much lower than the network (network of the same specification to 350M


last weekend, I emailed direct way to sell health care products ("man" series), three sets of transactions, accounting for 2300 yuan, the money is not too much, a little tired, but I was very happy, after all this is I can depend on the way in the future. My QQ:422090222, welcome everybody to exchange.


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