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The network recruitment process has to talk about the characteristics of cooperative operations


on the skills of personnel management, a few days ago, some friends have said enough, there are operational cases, but also operational ideas, in short, from theory to practice, everything. I feel pretty good about the advice they give me. I as a seniority is not a big company, not too many ideas about experience, but after several years of operation, the network recruitment operations in partnership with a little experience, today to share out is coucourenao.

and service provider

in terms of cooperation with service providers, we usually charge for value-added services, that is to say, we will look for opportunities to make money from the way employees are presented. This system is actually used by many talent websites, and the basic reason is that it can directly use the website attribute to collect fees, which is simple and convenient. As a service provider, you can give more information if you want to know more about employees.

in addition to this model, other webmasters sometimes take home page advertising and related industry CPC pay. These patterns in the final analysis is the use of the site’s own traffic, technical content is lower, but it is also a more direct way, for the webmaster, the operation is simple and convenient. But several models above are all the usual way, but when the profit is up to a certain extent will face saturation, how to continue to improve the business performance, then we need to think a few more webmaster.

I have a few suggestions here:

for the two or three line city talent website, the local resources is not a small fortune. We should not only use them to enhance website traffic, brand, but also learn to use the force. And to tell you the truth, online recruiters are more or less dealing with local governments and getting projects from them. Since this relationship, we can work together to form some project contracting and website on the strength of the manufacturers, will be the site for up to find a job for enterprise sponsorship, this is a direction to try.

second is the incubation platform, after all, some high-end talent is not simply succumb to such an extraordinary work, they want to do is big, so ordinary jobs are not attracted to them, but how they will provide a business platform, for them to find opportunities for cooperation then, will rise to a level of attractiveness. Well, in this process, the income is not only job seekers, but also may be service manufacturers, through such a medium, to find the right investment opportunities, it is also a good transition.

and job seeker

has done a good job with the manufacturers, like the defense, and the rest is the user’s business. After all, the user is to promote the development of the direct power of the site, we have to work harder. And I said before, for some high-end solutions >


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