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Professional soft writing, decryption soft writing

I’m not a station master. I’m a professional writer. A few months ago to a web site to write soft text, access to the Internet these grassroots, but there is no lack of legendary Adsense groups. When I was talking to customers, he recommended admin5.com for me to read. From then on when you come to webmaster nets around. See recently, everyone is talking about soft matter, and Adsense nets itself has such a platform, as a soft food to eat, not the webmaster grassroots, and share some experience.

one, soft text industry brief introduction,

, many practitioners, but is mainly the following three categories: 1, special soft soft, 3 studio company 2, and other institutions engaged in business and personal nature of the stragglers and disbanded soldiers.

soft Wen demand is also very much, from the world’s top 500 and domestic Lenovo such giant enterprises to Taobao small shop; from the government, schools and other institutions to individuals have considerable demand.

soft Wen prices according to practitioners and customers and different. Think of this as a large enterprise, is the internal operation and the media, or specialized companies, but also to evaluate the effect, the price of natural cheap; ordinary personal studio and a soft, 300 to 500 are normal; if the soft writing plus release, promotion price is much higher.

two, write your own web site soft text

, if a website is in the form of company operation, or plan so, then such soft service and ordinary company soft text price and operation process is the same.

, but as the majority of grassroots webmaster, it is difficult to spend 500 yuan to find people, write a soft text. So I learn some soft text writing skills is very necessary, although not necessarily comparable to the professional soft Wen, but as long as grasp the main points, the effect will be more ideal.

three, such as writing sites and soft text

, first look at one of my own cases:

last month, a friend of a friend asked me to help write a soft text, to promote his novel station. I was writing a mystery novel, with a dating website and a phone as a clue. See the friend’s novel domain name is 16359.com, digital meters, so he and I talk to my novel named "www.16359.Com", in his novels on the station, and not write website text, and writing the story that his results soft, site traffic increased a lot, and my fiction spread out. Later, he himself learned to write soft Wen, the site is also caring for the fire.

web site, the purpose of soft Wen is nothing more than to get traffic and increase the quality of the chain. To achieve such a soft effect brought to the reader’s value is the most important value, he would go to read, to follow your text guide to click on your website; and value, will have to reprint, you will get more the chain.

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