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Weight and included which is more important, fried experience

want to do a regular station, first of all should improve the weight of the site, whether in Baidu or Google, I haven’t studied yahoo.

Google is a good match for the title of your web site. Baidu seems to be an overall analysis of the site. A station without an external link can be ranked first in Baidu, but a station without an external link is unlikely to rank first in google. At least I didn’t find out. However, the 2 are required to weight. For example, the right is the major download station where Fei Hua Jun, the sky, etc.. The game is 17173, QQ games, Sina games and so on. Google also has, but there are some differences with Baidu, in the download station is the same. Game information is not like this, we can find.

want to do so influential station. It’s important to improve the weight of your website.

what is an robots.txt file?

search engines use spider programs to automatically access web pages on the Internet and obtain web information. When accessing a web site, spider will first check whether there is a plain text file called robots.txt in the root field of the web site. You can create a plain text file robots.txt on your web site, declaring in the file what parts of the site you do not want to be accessed by robot, or specifying that the search engines only include specific parts.

please note that you only need to use the robots.txt file when your web site contains content that you don’t want to be included in the search engine. If you want the search engine to include everything on the site, do not create a robots.txt file or create an empty robots.txt file.

to do a query tool two websites, not included in the number of articles on a few key words home one day, there are nearly more than 5000 IP from the search engine over, included the number of frequent changes, no matter how Baidu K station, even if only K had only the home page, the first page of the weight is high, IP traffic is not reduced so, or trying to make unique scarce resources, increase the weight of


of course, except for the garbage station,

writing is not very good, I hope you forgive me,



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