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Analysis on the core competitive advantage of China’s top 10 beauty salons

analysis of the core competitive advantage of China’s top 10 beauty salons


industry quanmei as one of the earliest to enter the market China beauty salons of private enterprises, in 2013 Chinese sales reached 9 billion 970 million yuan, 9 years composite growth rate reached 17.2%. 2005 – 2011 maintained 2 digit growth, but the growth rate of decline in the year of 2012 – 2013, which also reflects the plight of the majority of private enterprises in China’s beauty salon market to a certain extent.

Benefit from the rapid growth of

Chinese baby care market in recent years, the European Quanni wire is a few to be able to maintain a rapid growth of private enterprises. In 2013 its sales in China reached 400 million yuan, the compound growth rate of up to 9 years in, in the Chinese baby care products market in 2013 accounted for 3.8% of the share, second only to Johnson and frog prince.

Europe Quanni silk beauty salons rely on high price advantage and fine product development design has attracted more young consumers. Different from the market China beauty salon is dominated by foreign-funded enterprises pattern is South Korea beauty salon market is mainly dominated by domestic companies, natural herbal Quanni silk brand positioning in Europe in the development and promotion of investment, persevere differentiated and intensive and meticulous farming segments, is the fundamental reason for so many years to stay ahead of these brands in South Korea the. In recent years, Korean pop culture is popular in Europe Chinese, Quanni silk beauty brands have taken advantage of a step into the China market. Fans effect, with Korean star endorsement campaign will bring more easily Chinese consumer acceptance of South Korea herbs on the packaging and product concept, the details carefully design their own advantages, the European Quanni silk brand increasingly young groups of domestic consumption is not high favor, which also includes many private brand consumer choice in the past.

Korea big two beauty salons and amore Pacific LG life health have been or are under multiple brand introduction China. From the brand positioning point of view, most of the Korean characteristics of young, natural herbs and cost-effective. The LG’s salt series as one of the first to enter the Chinese salon brand, 2013 sales reached 743 million yuan, 9 years composite growth rate reached 10.1%; amore Pacific has been skincare and cosmetic brands will be introduced Chinese, one of the main high-end skincare brand Laneige 2013 sales reached 1 billion 466 million yuan, 9 years compound growth rate the introduction of Chinese reached 34.6%, snow show sales in 2011 and 2012 and Innisfree also achieved rapid growth in a short period of time.

local brands got rid of the passive situation, differentiated positioning gradually seize the low-end market, and extended to the high-end market. After 20 years of local brands by virtue of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, domestic consumers and channels for a deeper understanding of the differences in localization and channel strategy gradually out of a >


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