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A webmaster from business failure to rely on technology thousand experience

I am a technician, I have been working on website development since 2004, and it has been 6 years since I started. My writing is poor, while the Dragon Boat Festival relax a day, give yourself the experience of the past 6 years to write a "current account", finished a surprise to see the more than 10000 words, so a few times to save, as below:

graduated from secondary school in 2004, after graduation, I did not like the majority of students, arranged by the school (secondary school called 100% employment recommendation) to the world’s top 500 enterprises inside when the pipeline workers, but the choice of their own love website industry.

I like the website industry, including website operation and technology development, in fact, like to be a webmaster. But because his family was not good, so I have no money to do business, did not know what the CMS system (in fact was not what decent, CMS) to the chief technical problems must be solved, because the school learned only after graduation in fur, I had to spend more than half a year every time, wo web design, HTML code, learning ASP programming at home.

in 2005, I think I have achieved, began to try to run the business with the website construction, then to build a business enterprise website, fees are generally in 3000 yuan of above, so I will soon have a relatively good income, although the business is not how, but the average one month down can receive a single, monthly income of around 3000.

in order to develop the business better in May 2005, my own studio opened two months after opening, see the business not much growth, I adopt a strategy, is to contact the local railway company, he is free to make a website, the successful case so that I have more than one "large state-owned enterprises", and would like to see whether or not to open the door opening more business development. It proved that my strategy was a success, and soon I got orders from the next few cities of CTT, and became friends with several middle managers of these companies. Studio business also slowly on the right track, relying on enterprise construction site, the average monthly income of 6000 yuan, although not much, but I was more satisfied.

mentioned above, I love is not only a technical work, but also love website, so the studio business on the right track, I soon found the city (prefecture level city) the lack of a local portal, although there was sponsored by the Hong Kong Telecommunications information, but from the perspective of the content, at best is a telecommunications company the enterprise website, not local portal. So, the birth of the portal of the city is a very fast with an air of importance in my hands, and the flow rate rises very fast, by the end of 2005, reached 5000IP in the absence of special promotion in the case of daily traffic brought me the most direct benefit is the enterprise business site began to have "come to" customers, they no longer have to run out of business for customers. The studio is doing well. I put my girlfriend


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