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Personal webmaster also need to know some technology, you’d better be a generalist

The booming development of

Internet has also brought new fields and new industries to this platform. Among them, individual stationmaster is indispensable one backbone force. Some people think that personal Adsense need to understand technology, but more people feel that personal Adsense does not need technology, need is an idea, thinking, operation concept. There are plenty of people who hold this view, but also more and more. From the webmaster forum, the community can see how many theoretical views filled with pages. Is that so? 37 site diagnostic analysis that, do not believe this, personal Adsense must master some technology. Total Duozhu to operate a website, may not need a little bit of technology.

Of course,

also argued, owners a lot of things, focus on technology, is often the key, from. In fact, the central idea should be in operation and network marketing, as for the technical level of things, you can completely outsource or give technology to do. Ma Yun people not also do not understand technology? Still set up a Ali empire; the retort is nonsense words, Ma Yun behind the Technology entrepreneurial team is far more than you imagined strong. Otherwise, it can not develop to the present. Of course, there is not a hands-on, from program design, art design, website, editing, optimization, promotion, operation Qinliqinwei all proficient, but you need to web technology process and operation have a more comprehensive grasp, do not need to master, but you need to know, understand the point. A personal webmaster or explorer who always knows the most.

is an all inclusive webmaster bitter


undeniable, now personal Adsense bitter force. From the station to operation and maintenance, hands-on. Seo is not good, Baidu ranked more and more elusive, repetitive mechanical work, a day to day in and day out, "Fen station"; write their brains, trying to do link, painstaking drainage. Engage in planning, doing activities, thinking of profit, how much bitter, forced, how hard, forced. So webmaster is bitter unavoidably overall package? Not so, webmaster bitter is not how much time, but in the profit problem. As we all know, the small and medium-sized Adsense profit model is the biggest problem, of course, this is also one of the ubiquitous problems on the internet. Personal analysis, the first is the portal website, big website monopoly of the main resources and traffic; second is the important source of traffic, Baidu and other search engines, its ranking is more and more difficult to do. Third, we often only confined in a way (such as hands-on only do SEO ranking) under the alternative ranking does not pay attention to; this inertia of thinking about optimization on the site, no precise flow, no conversion, no profit? Of course, the owners of the bitter methods are not unrelated. If you don’t speak for themselves, a foolhardy, dry, not exhausted even good, not only hard to force. Questions about the concept of thinking can begin with the next.

needs thinking, not technology,


more and more of this view, thinking without technology; of course, thinking is very important, many advanced ideas can often accomplish


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