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A major reason for the slow development of Sichuan’s Web site!

analysis of the slow development of one of the elements of Sichuan web.

I’ve been to many places like Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hefei, and so on. Many pages are found each other Links, I just added a website owners understand the circumstances under the owners told me that they don’t need any gold exchange links is economic transactions demand, they are through a place (the relationship between the villagers) for Links. Through the flow of large stations to drive new stations and lower flow stations, so that each fellow should be meager income.

has helped others as well as network requirements in the provinces and regions. Do not believe you can go behind the times, bbs.tt68.com, and other stations to see. Their friendship link is this, even that, that even this.

I do stand N times, mainly publicity, there is no proper way. If we Sichuan learn other places this point, our new sites will be grateful to you, and you drive him, and he flow up, will also share to you, may be a little or more traffic to you.

hope you Adsense research is this truth, I new site planning: Sichuan people forum www.scren8.com

if you understand or support this method of webmaster, please add QQ:690993809 message famous: Friendship Exchange


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