How to love chocolate

chocolate on behalf of sweet love, chocolate in the vast number of young lovers, has become a representative of love. Open a love of chocolate shop, harvest a different love story, will be a good experience. Chocolate to join the selection of the project to choose what is better? Love chocolate, advocate attentively baking, adhere to the quality, service intentions, intentions creative concept of heart, pure natural formula, according to your needs and wishes story, different products and packaging design, the heart will make you the best gift of chocolate in the eyes of the choice. We are with you, together with the passion of baked sweet gift, love and joy, love and share for you, and you love the people warm, regardless of friendship, affection or love, let love you no longer wait, in the love of the handmade chocolate in confide.

love chocolate how to join

love chocolate join process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification: headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: headquarters to arrange for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance.

8, opening: headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and to provide operational guidance and help.

love chocolate join condition:

1, love chocolate workshop manual identity corporate culture, that love chocolate brand workshop.

2, healthy, no infectious diseases, love the food industry.

3, dedication, perseverance, can love the chocolate workshop as a business to do.

4, maintain the "love chocolate workshop" >


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