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Rapid growth of emerging industries to stimulate employment growth

with the development of the Internet, Anhui Hefei also appeared a lot of new industries, and these emerging industries grew rapidly, to stimulate employment growth, also believe that Hefei will do more and more creative work, bring more resources for innovation and entrepreneurship.

"past telephone marketing is usually in accordance with a segment number is easy to call one by one, as a telephone harassment. Now we will use the advantages of big data marketing phone, precision mining target groups to achieve precision marketing." Sun Liangliang believes that with the support of the state to the call industry, as well as communications, banking, insurance, courier and more and more industries will call outsourcing, call industry will usher in rapid development.

2010 in Hefei to create a network of channels for small and medium enterprises and channels to build an information communication platform.  , "at present, our platform has 2 million to 3 million per day of independent IP access, generating about $30 thousand of investment information data, and there are about another about 1% to reach the intention.


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