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Fresh delivery O2O system a comprehensive solution to open up the nternet business!

for the O2O electricity supplier, fresh O2O last mile of the distribution link is a crucial part of its closed-loop operation, because this link to the user’s direct experience. As for fruit, fresh, FMCG O2O electricity supplier, this part is more important, if the time you can not in the most intense fruit, fresh consumer desire in service, so customers will choose next time to meet the needs of its consumer business. But now, the river science and technology has been a perfect solution to the problem of fresh fruit delivery.


first, let’s look at the fresh industry pain points and solutions

pain point

high cost, low profit: traditional restaurant is still in the hands of single copy and before and after the roar of the leaflets

high cost of distribution: the store rent is too expensive to lead to high cost, expensive

customer purchase rate is low: to store consumer customers, the loss rate is relatively high


online and offline data to get through: online mall online and offline collaboration.

transaction convenience: customer orders on the official website to pay, a variety of delivery methods, convenient and quick.

old customer marketing: a variety of popular network marketing, improve customer turnover, repeat purchase rate.

secondly, in the rivers and lakes regional chain stores O2O solutions to meet a variety of forms O2O distribution mode:

1, direct distribution, accurate service

through the network is scheduled to be delivered to the terminal, and the direct store with this fresh storage environment, the user can according to their own needs, the nearest mention.

2, the product from mentioning, the nearest screening

stores from mentioning plug-in is very suitable for opening a physical store merchants. Buyers can not only buy on the site, you can also see what kind of store opened the store, the nearest to the store to experience and purchase. This plugin can not only play the role of advertising business entities, but also highlight the strength of the site.

3, the three party purchasing, safe and rapid

by the third party purchasing personnel delivery orders, to businesses to buy and then give the customer delivery, believe that for many businesses or operators, it is not difficult to understand, we can regard it as a kind of similar purchasing mode.

4, run errands settled, professional team

Whether you are a

programmer, works / white-collar, accounting, chef / driver, or other occupation as long as you have spare time. Take the phone can make money.

O2O cash register system: is to make you so easy

1, multi store, multi administrator management: store general management center can define a permissions for each user, to achieve efficient monitoring of fine.


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