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Several reasons leading to the failure of franchise chain

it is well known that entrepreneurship is not necessarily successful, it may fail, and now many people choose to invest in a chain store, then lead to the failure of the franchise chain what are the reasons? In early twentieth Century, mid 80s, by way of franchising swept the world "Kentucky", "McDonald’s" have been in China settled, they bring in a new concept of "fast food" to Chinese at the same time, also brought a new concept of "chain management". Franchising as a new trend of business development, its charm is known gradually for Chinese, but the best chain, there is failure in this paper, 10 kinds of possible failure reasons, should cause the attention of relevant personages.

Many people after a long career

A, motivation biased

The best

many failure cases from abroad can be seen, the most important reason for failure or biased motivation. Once you join, you can lie down and do nothing, all by the headquarters to manage. Chain headquarters is a number of successful operating experience in his office, but in his office by others (headquarters and joined the store owner) successful example, does not mean that the local business will be successful by you and headquarters. Must keep in mind that the headquarters and the stores are two completely different business units, headquarters (Sales) for you, just a join operation combination, you must be in accordance with its experience and guidance, follow the prescribed order and practical to carry out, can be successful.

two, when joining funds scheduling.



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