Open shop also need to operate integrity

why now many people don’t trust in online shopping, because the Internet has too much false information, so many people shopping is not assured, and many more criminals will not rely on the integrity of the business to make money. According to the "Qianjiang Evening News" reported that a couple of "90" open shop "business", due to the sale of counterfeits jailed. During the shop, in order to quickly improve the credibility of the shop, they also carried out a lot of false transactions, with a total sales of 59 yuan, the actual sales of $439 thousand. Finally, the man was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years, the woman was sentenced to a year and a half, suspended for two years, a total fine of $330 thousand.


integrity is the foundation of life, the root of career. Without such an idea, it is impossible to go too far, even if it is too high. For the shop, the integrity is one of the long-term operating capital. Through deception to entrap consumers can obtain short-term benefits, but its effect and that is.

online shopping can stay at home, because of its goods to more than three by the majority of Indoorsman Indoorswoman sought. However, the uneven distribution of information on the network, the selection of the situation will be deceived.

recently, major shopping sites have to strengthen the supervision of business and selling on the Internet, if consumers buy fakes, consumer rights and business disputes, according to "consumer protection law" through legal channels. For consumer complaints, these shopping sites will require sellers to respond within 48 hours; overdue response, the site’s consumer rights activists will intervene to deal with, if there is no response, the system will automatically refund. Shopping sites for consumer rights provisions of the statute of limitations, to a certain extent, the illegal traders played a role in the restraint of fraud.

is now a competitive market, although the market situation is very complex, however, as long as we can grasp the principle of good faith, the market can also become more easily. In a sense, the modern market economy is a credit economy, whether it is a shop or a physical store, a good reputation is to enable it to a lasting competitive advantage. Only the business of "credibility above everything else" as a marketing purpose, and strictly follow, in order to get the trust and support of new and old customers, so as to promote the continuous development of shops.


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