How to run a stationery store

due to China’s special national conditions, the demand for stationery is very large, therefore, many entrepreneurs will think of investing in a toy store. However, the operation of many people, the industry will naturally fierce competition, and we have to do more work, will make the industry business booming. So, how to run a good stationery store? Let’s get to know each other.

is the first site. Location is very important for the stationery store, which largely determines the life and death of a store, or business is good and bad. According to the title of the problem, it is clear that the store has been identified, not much to say. According to my experience, most business students are more concentrated in the stationery store around the school, the town, are mostly concentrated in the most bustling street in each town, here we call center street or town street.

followed by the business scope. There are students mentioned in front of the students, supplemented by office. This way out of the stationery store’s two main business direction, students and office. Consumer groups are mainly for students or for a variety of enterprises, institutions and units. This determines the structure of a store’s merchandise is mainly based on student supplies or office supplies. Here I only talk about student stationery shop.

is only a small stationery shop selling stationery, (I can not say it), most of the stationery stores are the following modes: Stationery + food, stationery + books, stationery, gifts and stationery and stationery, etc.. Of course, there are more than three categories of stationery store run. So in the shop should be based on their actual situation to determine the scope of business.

is a good commodity again. Stationery store to determine the scope of the business after the purchase, but so many dazzling commodity, how to choose to become a big problem. My suggestion is that the brand commodity based, supplemented by brand-name goods. Now people tend to become more and more obvious brand trend, the same is true of the stationery store, the store has a well-known brand stationery, then have the potential consumer groups of these brands. Some of the benefits of the brand is that these stationery brands will provide some shelf and image support.

if the store has a prominent image of a well-known brand, naturally attract these brands into the store consumer. Brand stationery has many benefits, but the price is generally higher. The main problem of the shop near a small town in the town, the general consumption ability is weaker, so it should be suitable for low consumer goods, then you need to add some brand-name stationery. The proportion of the specific needs of the owner in the business to explore.

four is actively promoting. The new stationery store because there is no accumulation of customers, so actively promote the accumulation of customers is essential. As a stationery store, there are several ways to promote the following: first, buy gifts, student stationery store customers are mostly students, to buy a certain amount of gifts to give some small gifts or quite the students


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