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Shop to do business to be good at using personalized service

a store in the end how the quality of service, will be able to directly affect the attitude of consumers to the store, and thus affect the business development of the entire store. In short, service is the soul of the retail industry. As the terminal retail customers, how to provide customers with personalized service to win customers favor and win business opportunities? Recently, the author and several retail friends chat, found that they provide personalized service for customers with their own characteristics, each has its own advantages.

although they provide customers with personalized service is different, but their service purpose is very consistent, that is the customer as the center, let the customer satisfaction, to the customer with surprise and moved service. What do you want to do? By not only the customer as God, but also to the customer as their own family members of the service concept, always from the customer point of view to consider the intentions and feelings. Let the customer moved, in order to allow customers to be willing to, without hesitation, loyal to the store, the store’s fans, always support the store.

Wuqiao County of Hebei Province Rong Shuo Department of non-staple food famous smoke fan boss

with emotion and emotional service to warm the customer

emotional offensive to customers is a big business secret to make their own money shop. Emotional service is the service of the guests as their loved ones, it requires warm, attentive and sincere. To open a good retail store, to be a successful retail customers, establish a good reputation, in the daily customer service, it is necessary to inject the truth, to love moving, in order to enhance the relationship between the customer and me.

emotional services, to be reflected in the customer’s care, so that customers feel the warmth of the shops, in this case, retail customers should not gain or loss, in order to move, in order to allow customers to be grateful. "Let the customer touch" has become one of the characteristics of the personalized service. In the usual business, I pay attention to provide customers with subtle human services, resulting in a good marketing effect. For example, the rain and snow weather to provide customers with wind shielding rain umbrella, customers smoke cigarette lighter for customers, install automatic shoe cleaning machine at the door. At the same time, I also pay more attention to the middle-aged and old customers, to provide them with warm and considerate emotional services, emotional services with the hearts of customers, so that they feel the humanization of the shop.

Changjiang Road

Wuqiao County of Hebei Province comprehensive energy store boss

innovative business with special features to retain customers

in the operation, good product quality is the main aspect of attracting customers, while the characteristics of the service is the catalyst for the transaction. When receiving the customer, according to the customer’s type and psychology, to provide targeted services, in order to obtain the trust of customers. In this era of service, only break the routine, never stop taking


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