What conditions should be met in a breeze

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Chinese staple Steamed Rice is pasta, pasta in the impression of people is the most full, of course, there are a lot of pasta patterns, different tastes are different, how a wind Hand-Pulled Noodle


a wind hall Ramen carefully selected high-quality raw materials, the integration of a unique production process, for consumers to bring a taste of the rich characteristics of ramen, delicious and nutritious, which contains an unlimited opportunity to become rich!

Feng Tang Hand-Pulled Noodle cultural heritage of the millennium, and has more than ten years store management experience, all over the city, now a wind hall Hand-Pulled Noodle through modern technology improvement, with exquisite Hand-Pulled Noodle, eat eight series of dishes, unique taste, technology secret conquered millions of diners


either from the material or dining environment, a Hand-Pulled Noodle all let guests feel the wind, a rare and delicate boss intentions. Signs of a wind hall Ramen soup flavor is rich, ramen toughness full, fragrant Q refreshing, let a person taste unforgettable. A full wind hall, a bowl of warm belly, the whole body choutet.

delicious ramen, healthy dining, a wind hall ramen noodle noodles are not only slippery, and bone soup is very delicious nutrition, so loved by consumers. In order to better meet the needs of the market, a wind hall Ramen investment projects are in progress, invite people of insight to join together to create a better brand tomorrow, to create their own wealth.

a wind hall Ramen join support

1, to ensure that the exclusive monopoly of operating rights in the wind zone, the corresponding area of the department.

2, the implementation of business management support, according to the dealer sales situation to send personnel to guide the resident.

3, strictly control the price fluctuations, and give appropriate policies to ensure that the distribution of products rich in profit margins and high returns on market operations.

4, to provide a reasonable return protection system to ensure that the wind Tong Tong dealer cooperation zero risk.

5, timely and effective launch of a variety of terminal promotional activities to help dealers start and pull market sales, providing terminal materials and promotional supplies support.

6, to provide information support to dealers into the company’s operations, a full understanding of the company’s marketing plans, product development, and industry trends and market trends.

7, according to the actual sales of a wind noodle noodle dealers to provide a certain proportion of media advertising investment.

8, to provide convenient, fast, flexible, >


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