What are the new tea brewing policy

milk tea in many drinks can be described as a healthy and delicious with one of the fashion drinks, consumer demand, there will be a natural market. If you want to survive in the fierce market competition, you must have your own product features. When a new tea production and the introduction of the new mode in the fierce competition in the market to survive, and occupy a space for one person, is a very good brand new brew tea! So what is the policy of


new brew tea join policy?

join the policy as follows:

1, franchisee to accept the management and training system

2, the company provides store staff skills training to ensure that personnel have a higher skill

3, headquarters will be unified decoration shop

4, the company provides technical personnel to join the store

5, franchisee to accept the company’s inspection and guidance

6, headquarters to join the United States to provide a unified outdoor advertising, to ensure the reputation of joining the store

7, the company’s unified distribution of raw materials to ensure product quality

8, have long been engaged in the preparation of milk business, re contract, stresses credibility

9, franchisees want to operate the brand stores

after a small series of reports, I believe we have a very full understanding for the new period of tea franchise policy, this product is the one and only in the market, the position in the minds of consumers is the one and only



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