What need to open a cafe

although entrepreneurial boom has been set off, but this does not mean that we can open a shop. If you want to start a business through the shop, often need to be prepared to be ready for everything. So, what do you need? Let Xiaobian for your analysis, to see if you can meet these!

Internet cafe documents:

Chinese early in 2001 on the domestic mandatory plan has been forbidden to do Internet cafes, Internet cafes can not handle the documents now, card is actually one of the cultural management certificate, although now is not allowed to issue the Internet card, but you can start by buying or not do Internet network or other documents, the general price level in each place form different, big city and small city documents be nothing difficult, the price is about 1.5-5 million. If you are ready to open Internet cafes and can not find documents should be how to do? Of course, it is necessary to do a good job, this will not remind me of my colleagues.


is one of the biggest factors to open Internet cafes, in other words can be key to the survival and development of the geographical position and the popularity of each place are not the same, we all know where many people is a good thing in school is to earn none, but the state has provided no open Internet cafe near the school to the 200-400 meters. According to local forms, some only 100. Of course, a word or relationship.

computer configuration:

Internet cafes second survival tool is the configuration of the machine, the proposed 512 memory, 120G hard drive. Video 90 yuan has pretty, crystal head and cable, display recommended 19 inch flat or 17 inch LCD, exchanger according to the size of the Internet cafes to purchase. Suggestions such as technical permission from ROS soft route, if you don’t want to do the optional hard router, but it will also break from time to time connection is not fast, software is not only fast and very smooth way to effectively protect the rapid and smooth Internet cafes. Motherboard is best not integrated. Graphics 9600 rpm.

I chose the

keyboard and mouse headset GoldenField elite set 2006, mainstream configuration of each period are not the same advice consult this experience in place of the experts, but the special offer motherboard and CPU please buy for cheap or to computer company to pay half of the world there is no free lunch, even if it is also brand goods be careful in the market now and remove the smuggled goods export goods is very serious. Construction of the city’s science and Technology Plaza and other places to buy, where there is a special anti fake and the Ministry of Commerce and industry to provide you with a real source of supply on the product, of course, mainly to your own understanding of the computer.

other documents:

fire certificate, the local fire department can handle, note


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