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Retailers want to develop large customers also need to invest the necessary feelings


said that any one of the customers need to shop owners into the feelings, however, large customers is undoubtedly more concerned about. In order to develop large customers, the necessary emotional investment is indispensable. Enterprises and institutions procurement activities are operated by people, and people are emotional animals, people are paying attention to the feelings of things. If the retail customers and large customers do not have certain feelings and relationships, then it will not be a big customer love and favor.

put it plainly, this is what we often say, emotional marketing and relationship marketing". In this "money" as the center of the social background, the feelings between people seem to be more and more light, but at the critical time is also very important. We retail customers in order to develop large customers, we must keep up with the social situation, conform to the trend of the times, make full use of the "emotional" advantage to win and develop large customers.

my jurisdiction has two enterprises and institutions, are state-owned nature. These two units of goods purchased in the past are not in my store procurement. In order to develop the two major customers, last Spring Festival Eve, when I went to the field to buy a special purchase of two sets of delicate purple tea, and one to two units responsible for the procurement of goods in charge of leadership. Although these things are not large, the price is not expensive, but because it is the specialty of the field, it is very popular with the two leaders. Every couple of days, the two spring festival benefits are in my shop.

in order to maintain customer relations, to further increase the feelings, in the subsequent purchase, I will bring some local specialties back. In addition, at the appropriate time and they sat down to eat, Lara homemade meal, for a long time, our home is getting closer, and gradually become good friends. Through the use of this method, at present, I have developed twelve large customers, which has played a great role in promoting the development of my shop.

can be said that in the current social situation, no one can not pay retail customers can win to large customers, unless the relations are very good, very close to each other, or with the use of the relationship. Although some harsh words, but this is a fact, is a reality. In the past, we often encountered in the operation of the unit of the rebate to buy things, and now although it is not a lot, but occasionally there will be such a situation. So, when the emotional investment is necessary.

it was said that retail customers in order to pull the feelings of the leadership of the unit gifts, on the one hand, people will be reluctant to give up the grade of the gift is not high, on the other hand there are suspected of bribery. For this argument, in my opinion, we do not need to send gifts to good, expensive to send, send some strange and eccentric small things on the line, is to match! This is not bribery, is at most "reciprocity". Now friends visit each other to bring some gifts, and we are in order to store health >


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