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Behind the tide of college students to allow more rational failure

In September 24,

(Wang Yifei Gao Yi) Aman Chang, started at the age of 16, today has "Chinese WeChat SCRM marketing Godfather" title, the "fish" project to obtain A round of financing, single day orders 10000. Chen Kai, 27 years old, to create "bayear cat finance" from the grassroots investment after the completion of ten million A round of financing the initial line. Tong Yuanpeng, graduating class 2015, is currently creating flowers custom O2O platform, had also tried alcohol e-commerce, online English training platform and other projects……

look around, entrepreneurship seems to be a simple thing today. A large number of successful hit off, has shouldered the Zhejiang entrepreneurship banner. However, few people pay attention to, these successful entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship model, go forward with great strength and vigour army, only 2% – 5% of the proportion. In the business of innovation, more people are "unknown to the public, even become a" warning "".

July, graduated from a university mechanical engineering master Yang Bo (a pseudonym), into a private enterprise in Hangzhou engaged in technical work. Not to work for two months, did not expect the high salary, no ideal of passion, he felt flat and uninteresting. In the past two days, Yang Bo began to think about entrepreneurship. However, in a conversation with friends, friends about the "throw out a series of funds, contacts and experience", deeply entrepreneurial difficult Yang Bo, was forced to run aground entrepreneurial dream.

Zhejiang is a fertile ground for entrepreneurship and innovation, where the birth of Ma Yun, Ding Lei miracle, but for the enthusiasm of college students, whether with only a courage, or is the home of financialbacking can change inspirational legendary not so much fear of success?. For many people, like Yang Bo, need to do more business, rational.


fertile ground for innovation and Entrepreneurship

today in Zhejiang, entrepreneurship "new" meaning but also are quite accurate, they are in Zhejiang as the representative of the business executives and entrepreneurs to continuous, Zhejiang, as the representative of the Department of Tsinghua University of science and technology entrepreneurs, "thousands of people plan expert as the representative of the returned overseas entrepreneurs, and one is to Ali, as the representative of the student entrepreneurs.

when the public venture, the highly innovative tide intensified in Zhejiang, young college students are becoming an indispensable backbone, and attracted more and more attention.

last November, Premier Li Keqiang visited Zhejiang University, has encouraged the students with entrepreneurial innovation, the creation of material wealth for the society, last month, the Education Department of Zhejiang Province issued "on promoting the construction of entrepreneurial College", proposed in 2017, in Zhejiang Province, the construction of 30 demonstration about entrepreneurship, the formation of 100 thousand about the scale of students. Last year, the 2014 Zhejiang graduate employment tracking survey shows that the entrepreneurial rate has reached 5.04%, higher than the national level.

to attract college graduates in Zhejiang innovation and entrepreneurship, is filled with the river


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