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Do take away business can earn 6 million to see the owner of the restaurant owner Readme

earns 6 million a year? It’s incredible for a lot of people. Even more incredible is that this year to earn 6 million of the store is not a big shop, but only a small restaurant. So how to achieve a small restaurant to earn 6 million? Mainly rely on takeaway, we’ll look at the small restaurant owner’s readme.

to counter the high rent, must do takeaway

In fact,

I took over, the store for four owners, four shops all closed down. The location of the restaurant is not very good, rent a month to sixteen thousand dollars, as well as manpower, material resources. The total area of 150 square meters, remove the kitchen, even if the table is placed in the table, the church can eat up to 5000 dollars a day, must be very busy busy.

this is a waste of material and human resources, and the rent is expensive. I thought, must take take away, you always have to survive. At that time the restaurant hall food accounted for 80%, I try to take out to do 20%, slowly each accounted for 50%, up to now all of the takeaway is 90%.

2011 years, hungry online ordering to enter Beijing, we work together. Before the phone received 60 single, it may take about 20 minutes, the customer calls often do not come in. He submitted five names to 30 seconds, I use the 15 person who answered the phone too late. With the hungry to provide the system, I can take a single second, day orders quickly on the 200 single, of course, I am happy.

I originally expected restaurant takeout peak can make 15 thousand yuan a day, now the peak is 40 thousand yuan. At the beginning of the day is a more than and 200 single, and now the average daily more than 1 thousand single, a single month of 50000. Phone calls to the original operator to turn to do customer service.

single volume up, can not sit money? No Last year, when the first 200 orders take off, one day it rains, there are only one single hour has not been sent to the customer on the back of a single, and suddenly lost $3 thousand more than and 50. At that time I was, and I do not want to be wrong.

then I started > reason analysis


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